One of the main activities of AgentLink and AgentLink II was to establish a number of special interest groups (SIGs). An AgentLink SIG was a group of researchers and developers sharing an interest in a specific sub-area of agent technology. SIGs were not established in a top-down manner: they were formed as a result of mostly unsolicited, refereed proposals made by AgentLink II members. However, the SIGs of AgentLink II largely continued in the same structure as those of AgentLink. In an effort to ensure effective and appropriate representation, and to reflect the dynamism of the field, as well as to establish links to related disciplines, AL3 will establish a periodic Technical Forum (AL3-TF), in which Technical Forum Groups (TFGs) will meet to discuss issues of key interest.

The aims of the AL3 Technical Fora are:
  • to facilitate the dynamic development of communities around specific areas of strategic importance for European agent R&D, enabling them to share common problems, issues, and results in a manner that other forums (e.g., academic workshops and conferences) do not allow;
  • to respond dynamically to fast-changing developments;
  • to develop and update the AL3 roadmap from AgentLink II;
  • to provide the AL3 management committee with "bottom-up" input to its decision-making process, and hence ensure that the strategic direction of the network is reactive to the needs of its members;
  • to establish links with related areas within computing, and related areas in other research disciplines, such as economics and biology.

Third AgentLink III Technical Forum

TheThird AgentLink III Technical Forum (AL3-TF3) will take place in in Budapest, Hungary, 15-17 September 2005.

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Second AgentLink III Technical Forum

For information about The Second AgentLink III Technical Forum (AL3-TF2) which took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 28 February to 2 March 2005 click here

First AgentLink III Technical Forum

For information about The First AgentLink III Technical Forum (AL3-TF1) which took place in Rome from 30 June to 2 July 2004 click here.


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