Q: Does my organisation have to be an Agentlink Member to receive support?
A: No, although if you are an organisation based in Europe active in the Agent area you might consider joining to take advantage of the other services Agentlink provides.

Q: Can we receive support for an event outside Europe or with a Non-European activity?
A: Yes and maybe: unfunded support outside Europe is certainly possible, however the European Commission imposes restrictions on direct funding to organisations which are not EU-member or associated states - if in doubt please contact the activity coordinator.

Q: We are not looking for funding - just to use the Agentlink logo - do we have to make a full application?
A: No, a short note explaining the nature of the event, related data to the coordinator is fine. He/she will let you know if it is fine to use the logo.

Q: Our event received support last year/last time - do we have to reapply?
A: Yes - since the budget for the activity is limited we need to make choices on who to support based on individual cases and cannot automatically support all previous events.

Q: Is there a list of projects supported by this activity?
A: Yes - a list will be maintained on the Agentlink web site - please bear with us while this is set up.

Q: What if the request for support is turned down - can I reapply?
A: In general, if an application had to be turned down then it would have been on grounds of relevance / suitability of the event or on budgetary grounds. The activity coordinator will inform you if he/she feels that the proposal could be re-submitted in an amended form or (for example) in the next budget period.

Q: My request was turned down and I am not sure it received due consideration - what should I do?
A: We will try to do our best to look at all applications thoroughly and fairly - however in the end decisions have to be made. If you have a comment, question or complaint please contact either the person in charge of the activity or if this is not satisfactory the Agentlink coordinator.

Q: I have a question not answered here - who do I ask?
A: Please email the activity coordinator .

Q: We are involved in organising a workshop at AAMAS - since Agentlink already supports AAMAS can we still apply for workshop support?
A: In general Agentlink III will not support individual workshops at AAMAS since it provides significant support to AAMAS itself (in particular in the form of student travel grants) - however in very few cases support may be provided for workshops which show a very specific / strong European added value. If you believe your event may fall into this category please contact to check.



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