The Agentlink III project is committed to supporting European Research activities in the area of Agent Technology and under its research coordination action is able to provide various types of support for research and scientific events related to Agent technology. The objective of this support is to pump-prime research in strategically important areas, support emerging new areas, encourage inter-disciplinary links and support access to leading events in particular for students from under-resourced regions.

The call for support proposals is open from March 2004 and Agentlink therefore warmly welcomes proposals for support from the community.

Types of Support AgentLink III can give

Through this activity Agentlink can provide the following types of support:
  • Cooperation: support through promotion of the event via the Agentlink III event listings (Agentlink web site), use of the Agentlink logo and a statement "supported by Agentlink" on the event web site if desired.

  • Technical Support: support through suggestions of speakers, topics or Agentlink III member groups which may be relevant to the event and could be contacted (specifically intended for interdisciplinary events), use of the Agentlink logo and a statement "supported by Agentlink" on the event web site if desired. -

  • Sponsorship: support through a financial contribution toward some aspect of event costs - examples include but are not limited to: supporting speaker travel / subsistence costs, supporting student attendance at events to which they would otherwise not have access, supporting items such as best paper awards.

How to Apply

To have your event considered for funding you need to submit a short request for support to Agentlink via the following address: (email plain text preferred). The application should include:

  • Your name and contact details (including email, telephone, fax and postal address).
  • The organisation you work for. - Your role in the organisation of the event (chair, PC member, etc.).
  • Agentlink membership number (if applicable).
  • Title and acronym of the event. - Location and dates of the event.
  • URL of the event's homepage (if available)
  • A declaration of any other European Project support the event is receiving, has applied for or is planning to apply for.
  • Name of any event it is collocated with.
  • A short description (max 300 words) of the event. - A copy of the (draft) event call for papers if appropriate.
  • A short description of the kind of support you are looking for (indicate the type of support, and for financial support indicate the requested amount and the specific purpose to which this amount will be allocated).
  • A short justification of the need for such support and benefit to the European Agent research community.

Once you have made the application please allow some time for processing (typically we expect this to be a month - however it could be longer: please allow plenty of time before your event when applying). The process for decision-making is as follows:

  • Applications not requiring financial support are checked by the activity coordinator and a response is given as soon as possible. If the event is unusual or not obviously agent-related the case will be discussed by the Agentlink Management Board.
  • Applications requiring funding are batched up for each 1-2 month period and assessed on their merits w.r.t. the criteria listed in this call.
  • The applications are then checked by the activity coordinator and ranked to create a funding recommendation for the Agentlink Management Board.
  • Once the management board has decided on each submitted request, feedback will be given to you to indicate the outcome and (if successful) how to proceed.

Because the AgentLink III project ends in December 2005, we will not be able to fund events which will take place after 30 November 2005.   Applications for financial support for events will only be accepted up to 30 October 2005.   After your application has been submitted by email you should receive a confirmation of its receipt within 14 days.  If you do not receive a confirmation please resend the application, and please contact Agentlink to check that it has been received.

The funds for the action are limited so please understand if not all requests can be supported - we aim to fund as wide a range of deserving events as possible but unfortunately its unlikely we can cover everything.

Types of Events AgentLink III can support

The remit of the Agentlink research coordination activity is wide and it aims to stimulate new research, support existing research activities, support access to research activities by groups from newly associated states and contribute towards interdisciplinary research activities. The types of events Agentlink can support are:

  • Workshops, conferences, symposia and other types of scientific meetings.
  • The event should have clearly described relevance to the field of Agent Technology. (interdisciplinary events are very welcome but the Agent Technology relevance should be described in the request).
  • The event should be of a high scientific standard.
  • The event should be open and publicly accessible - no closed/private meetings will be supported (although a fee may be charged).

Events may be large or small and should generally be in Europe (although special exceptions can be made to this rule where specific European added value is shown). If the type of event you plan is not listed here please contact us to see whether or not support is feasible.

Conditions on Awards

As well as supporting the events themselves our aim is also to publicise events and outcomes of supported activities within the community. For this reason (particularly if you receive financial support) you will be asked to provide a short summary of the event (topics covered, highlights etc.) for inclusion on the Agentlink website or in the Agentlink newsletter. Also if you receive financial support you will be required to:

  • Provide a signed declaration that the expenditure has taken place (and how the money was used)
  • this must match your original proposal.
  • Include an acknowledgement of Agentlink's support in some way (e.g. inclusion of the Agentlink logo and link in a list of sponsors or something similar).
Contact Person

The coordinator for this activity within Agentlink is:
Steven Willmott
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) Applications should be sent to Contacts for other Agentlink activities can be found here.
For more information go to Event Support Frequently Asked Questions .



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