Special Interest Groups: AMEC

Agent-mediated electronic commerce (AMEC)

Contact Coordinator: Carles Sierra
Website: AMEC SIG

This SIG is a platform that permits the dialogue between academic and industrial partners.promotes the interchange of ideas among specialists and the stimulation / facilitation of significant European contributions to the field. It focuses on Electronic Commerce that involves the development and use of agents and agent-mediated interactions. These include:
  • Agent design for electronic auctions and electronic institutions
  • Electronic Market Places as agent societies
  • Negotiation strategies for agents
  • Agent-mediated retailing
  • Coalition formation
  • Trusted third parties
  • Agent standards
  • Agent-mediated interaction with public administrat

Agent-based technologies are crucial for the advancement of Electronic Commerce. However, there are still many theoretical, technological, sociological and legal aspects to be addressed.




AgentLink is the European Commission's IST-funded Coordination Action for Agent-Based Computing
and is coordinated by the
University of Liverpool and University of Southampton
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