The main aim of this workpackage is to put European industry at the leading edge of international competitiveness in the agent area, by:

  • raising awareness within industry of the value and appropriateness of agent-based computingtechniques and solutions, and demonstrating the potential of this technology for solving real industrial problems;

  • facilitating the transfer of agent technology, skills, standards, and best-practice from academia toindustry;

  • and finally focussing European research on agent-based systems on industrial problems, by facilitating thetransfer of user requirements from industry to agent researchers, and the transfer of research results to industry.

In order to realise these aims, the following programme of work are being carried out:

Industrial Awareness Programme

The industrial awareness programme, established in AgentLink, aims to raise awareness of agent technology primarily through ad hoc events and interactions with industrial organisations. This ongoing activity aims to:

(i) to bring the activities of AgentLink to the attention of an industrial audience, and
(ii) to promote awareness of agent research and development activities in the European region.

Typically, these meetings involve running a stall at industrially-oriented conferences and exhibitions, distributing leaflets and other promotional material, and giving presentations on aspects of agents and agent technology.

Agent Systems and Technology Database

A database of developed agent systems, technologies, and products is available via the network's WWW site. In addition, a database has been developed of agent-related expertise available within AgentLink. This database is freely available via the AgentLink WWW site.

Agent Technology Conference for Commercial Organisations

In the past, AgentLink has organised Agent Technology Conferences (in London and Barcelona) to bring the potential value of agent technologies to the attention of a wider IT audience. Two successful events took place in London and Barcelona, each attracting around 100 participants from industry and commerce. This will continue in future events, where AgentLink will seek to further establish long-term relationships with companies, to identify their needs and to use this in directing the overall workprogramme of the network.

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