The main aim of this workpackage is to contribute to European take-up of agent technology through thesupport of relevant and appropriate standardisation initiatives, by:

  • contributing to the development of agent-specific standards activities, notably through efforts such as FIPA the Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents; (the premier agent standardisation body). Other standards bodies targeted include the World WideWeb Consortium (W3C), the Object Management Group (OMG) and the Global Grid Forum (GGF).
  • facilitating the dissemination of relevant standards initiatives in the area of agent technology throughacademia and industry; and finally o focussing European research on standards-related issues, especially in relation to the adoption ofagent-based systems in industrial contexts, by facilitating the transfer of user requirements from standards bodies to agent researchers, and research results to standards activities.

Standardisation initiatives

The lack of appropriate communication, cooperation, and negotiation standards is one of the main obstacles in the way of wider deployment of agent systems technology. The aim of this task will be to promote the development, dissemination, and adoption of such standards within the European region. AgentLink will do this by disseminating news about current standardisation activities to members of the network. Resources will be made available for AgentLink members to attend and report upon standardisation initiatives.

Standardization Participation

To date, standards initiatives have developed side-by-side with other community activities. The aimof this task will be to ensure community representation in the standards efforts themselves, and to contribute directly to ongoing standardisation activity. Resources will be made available forAgentLink III members to attend meetings and report upon standardisation initiatives.

Standardisation Awareness Initiatives

This task will seek to establish stronger dissemination links with standards initiatives, through reports and articles generated by Standardisation initiatives and participation (above), which will be included in regular columns in the newsletter, and to find other dissemination routes. These will involve the distribution of e.g. FIPA newsletters with AgentLink newsletters, and the possibility forpublishing review reports on the range of standards activities as well as on specific agent-related specifications.




AgentLink is the European Commission's IST-funded Coordination Action for Agent-Based Computing
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