One of the main activities of AgentLink and AgentLinkII was to establish a number of special interest groups (SIGs). AgentLinkIII will evolve the SIGS into Technical Forum Groups (TFGs), whereby members will be able to meet within these groups at an annual Technical Forum conference. Unlike SIGs, which lasted the duration of AgentLink and AgentLinkII, TFGs will have a shorter duration, allowing them to reflect current and emerging Agent-based issues.

Prior to each TechnicalForum, members of AgentLink III network will be invited to propose topics for Technical Forum Groups. Examples could include: Agents in e-commerce; Mobile agents, Logics for agent design; Agents andontologies; etc.

The TFGs will be selected annually, with selection decisions being made in relation to links to related areas, industrial relevance, support within the community, and contribution to roadmapping. New areas that have no obvious forum for discussion of important issues will be prioritised. The resulting Technical Forum will then be organized around the selected Technical Forum Groups. This structure will thus ensure effective and appropriate representation (by allowing any AgentLink III member to propose a TFG), while also reflecting the dynamism of the field (because TFGs may change from one year to the next). Moreover, the structure will also permit enhancement of links to related disciplines since TFGs may focus on collaborative efforts with other projects.

The aims are:

  • To facilitate the dynamic development of communities around specific areas of strategic importancefor European
    agent R&D, enabling them to share common problems, issues, and results in a manner that other forums (e.g., academic workshops and conferences) do not allow;
  • To respond dynamically to fast-changing developments;
  • To develop and update the technological roadmap from AgentLink II;
  • To provide the AgentLink III management committee with bottom-up input to its decision-making process, and hence ensure that the strategic direction of the network is reactive to the needs of its members;
  • To establish links with related areas within computing, and related areas in other research disciplines, such as economics and biology.



AgentLink is the European Commission's IST-funded Coordination Action for Agent-Based Computing
and is coordinated by the
University of Liverpool and University of Southampton
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