CASA - Coordinating Agent Standardisation Activities
AgentLink Technical Forum 3, Budapest
15th - 17th Sept, 2005

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The CASA program for the Budapest meeting has been announced.


TF3 CASA - Coordinating Agent Standardisation Activities

The main objectives of this TFG are:

  1. To assess the importance of ongoing agent-dedicated and agent-related standardization activities
  2. To clarify how existing standardization bodies and groups relate and possibly contribute to the establishment of stronger liaison.
  3. To understand and possibly position the role of Agentlink for ongoing and future agent-dedicated and agent-related standardization work.
The key idea is to clarify and strengthen the importance of standardization activities for software agent technology, an issue of central importance to many academic and industrial agent-oriented organizations. In fact such standardisation activities are necessary to improve commercialisation of agent-based research, and strengthen interaction within the agent community. This will be achieved by providing a discussion forum that takes a meta-level perspective on standardisation activities and bodies by bringing together researchers and organizations directly involved in a number of standardisation groups, such as FIPA IEEE, OMG, GGF, and W3C. Members within each of these existing groups are already contributing specialist application requirements, identifying possible infrastructure themes, and contributing best practise and experience towards agent-oriented computing. Conversely, by having individuals involved in both Agentlink and these groups, we are able to ensure that there is also a reverse flow of information into these groups so that agent-based solutions can be evaluated and given prominence within such communities.

Important Information
Location - AL3-TF3 will be co-located with the 4th International Central and Eastern European Conference on Multi-AgentSystems (CEEMAS 2005), also in Budapest, Hungary, 15-17 September 2005. Directions to the event can be found here.

TF3 Programme - the programme of the TF3 event, and of the other TF3 events can be found here.

Registration - is now open for the TFG III. Details are now available on hotels and accomodation, and on the social events.

Technical Forum Groups - more information on the Third AgentLink III Technical Forum can be found at the AL3-TF3 home page.