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ast updated: 21.01.03


After successful Summer Schools on Agent Systems in Utrecht, Saarbruecken, Prague and Bologna, which have attracted over 150 students each year, Agentlink (www.agentlink.org) is planning to organise the fifth European Agent School in Barcelona, 10 - 14 February, 2003.

The Fifth European Agent Systems Spring School will not be a Summer School in 2003: anticipating on AgentLink's termination in the summer of 2003 and the AAMAS in July that year, we have decided to move the School to February, and we will refer to it as EASSS'03. About the same time, an AgentLink-based Industrial Event as well as Agentcities will take place in Barcelona.

Researchers and lecturers in the field of agent-based systems are invited to submit proposals for courses. Typically, courses are 4 hours in total, but deviations are possible. A representative sample of courses can be found in volume 2086 of Springer's LNAI series, "Multi-Agent Systems and Applications". Relevant topics vary from foundational issues, social behaviour, learning and meta-reasoning, through applications in robotics, manufacturing, etc (for a detailed topic list, see below). Note that, due to moving EASSS forward, the schedule for submitting course material is rather tight. Tutors unable to comply to the deadline can also make their material electronically available via the website of AgentLink,
in the first half of January 2003.