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ast updated: 21.01.03

Sunday 9th
PM 16:00 - 20:00 Registration
Serhs Hotel - Registration area
Monday 10th
  08:00 Registration
  Escola Tecnica Superior d'Enginyeria Meeting room A
AM Introduction
Mike Wooldridge and Michael Luck
PM Coordinated Problem Solving
  Keith Decker
Tuesday 11th
AM Intelligent Information Agents for the Internet
Matthias Klusch
AM Theory and Practice of Agent Communication in the Semantic Web Era
Yannis Labrou and Tim Finin
  PM Student sessions
Wednesday 12th
AM Agent Oriented Software Engineering Methodologies
Onn Shehory, Arnon Sturm and Federico Bergenti
AM Agents, Middleware, and the Grid
Omer Rana and Michael Schroeder
Thursday 13th
AM Modal Logic and Multi-Agent Systems Specifications
  John-Jules Meyer, and Alessio Lomuscio
AM Agent Mediated Electronic Commerce
Frank Dignum, Carles Sierra and Pablo Noriega
PM Applying Agent Technology
Nick Jennings
PM Game Theory: Agents and Rational Decisions
Wiebe van der Hoek and Marc Pauly
Friday 14th
AM Learning
Marco Wiering
AM Agent Engineering for Open Systems
Steve Willmott and Stefan Poslad
PM Models of Agent Dialogue
Tim Norman and Chris Reed
PM Teamwork:Theory and Practice
Milind Tambe