Click here to download the pdf the map that shows some well known restaurants, café's and bars in Utrecht city center. A copy will be included in the course material.

Restaurants can be found around the squares or along the Oudegracht . Some bars also serve food. If one would like to try typical dutch food, the Oude Muntkelder serves dutch pancakes. Dutch snacks include patat (French fries) with mayonnaise , kroket and frikandel .

Café's and bars can be found also around the squares and along the Oudegracht . See the map for some of the better knowns, or the links at the bottom.

At the Uithof
On the Uithof itself there is the Basket bar , a café with a basketball pitch on top. It is located along the Heidelberglaan. This place also serves food. Close by are also a pizzeria and a supermarket.

Things to do
The Parade
The Parade or De Parade is a mobile theatre festival that tours around Holland during the summer. Their visit to Utrecht happens to coincide with the EASSS, so one has a chance to go and see the performances of various actors, singers, dancers, musicians and entertainers. See this link for a short description and this official link . Entrance costs 5 euros, the performances cost between 1 and 8 euros.

Those who don't master the Dutch language can check the program at the official site to find 'dance', 'music' or 'language no problem' items.

An essential guide to going-out in Utrecht is the Uitloper. It is released every Thursday and you can pick one up free at most pubs and cinemas and other public places. Its lists the events in Utrecht of the coming week: musea, theatre, movies, live-music, (classical) concerts, expositions, etc.

The map shows some of the places you can dance, including Winkel van Sinkel, Tivoli , Ekko, Hofman, Filemon and Storm. Mind you that in Utrecht things usually get started on Thursday or Friday.

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