The programme for the student session is now available here.

Reviewers are listed here.


All registered participants are cordially invited to participate in the student session of EASSS05.

The student session is designed to encourage student interaction and feedback from the tutors. Accepted submissions will be assigned either a 10 or 15 minute slot for presentation. Typically a presentation will either detail the intended approach to a problem or ask a specific question, directed at the audience.

By providing the students with a conference-like setup, both in the presentation and in the review process, students have the opportunity to prepare their own submission, go through the selection process (peer review) and possibly present their work, themselves and their interests to their fellow students as well as internationally leading experts in the agent field, both from the theoretical and the practical sector.

As the goal is to provide the speakers with constructive feedback and a means to be introduced to the comunity, the competitive elements often found in conferences (best paper award, best presentation award) are intentionally omitted. The peer review will focus not on the magnitude of the presented material but on the clarity of the formulated material or whether or not the posed question is of relevance to a majority of students.

Giving a good presentation is a difficult task, practising it is the benefit of this session. The extend to which the audience has understood the details should be the criterion by which the presentations are judged.


June 23rd (Thursday) : Submission (23:59 GMT)
July 5th (Tuesday) : Notification to authors
July 10th (Sunday) : Submission of camera ready copy (23:59 GMT)
July 20th (Wednesday) : Student Session

Submission Details

Submissions should be

  • between 1/2 and 2 pages maximum.
  • state the author(s), their affiliation and their current status.
  • clearly stating the posed question or the proposed approach, as well as outlining the problem at hand.
  • give a few references to both the standard literature and specific relevant publications (possibly your own).
  • in either .dvi, .pdf or .ps format (.doc (MS Word) will be accepted as submission but must be in one of these formats for the final version).
  • send by email to (subject "EASSS05").