Travelling to Utrecht Utrecht has good connections with all main cities and airports in the Netherlands . Utrecht Central railway station is a main hub of the Dutch railway network and also serves as a major regional bus station.

Visa Information Please check the visa page for information about visa requirements. Please note that invitation letters can only be written after registration and payment for the EASSS05.


a) By plane
Schiphol Airport [AMS] (40 minutes): From the airport there are trains to Utrecht every 15 minutes. The train station is situated inside the airport. Tickets can be bought from vending machines (which only accept debit or credit cards not cash) or at the train information desk. The train to Utrecht takes about 35-40 minutes ( please note : for the fastest trip you should change trains in Duivendrecht).

b) By train
Many international trains stop at Utrecht Central Station. If not, travellers can change trains at Amsterdam Central or Rotterdam Central. You may find this railway map useful.
A Dutch Railway travel planner can be found at . Be aware that stations are not always announced in advance when on the train.

c) By car
Motorways in the Netherlands are free. You can find more information driving in the Netherlands at the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions .

d) Public transport
Utrecht has a very good public transport system with an extensive network of buses and trams in Utrecht . To go on a bus or tram you need a strippenkaart . This bus card comes in different sizes: one with 45 strips (E 19,20) and one with 15 strips (E 6,50). You can buy a strippenkaart at the bus station below the train station or at the "Kiosk" in the train station main hall.
A trip from your hotel/hostel to the Uithof costs three strips. So if you go five times to the Uithof and back you already need 30 strips. In addition, trips to the train station or within the city center cost 2 strips. If you go on a bus without strippenkaart, you need to buy a ticket in the bus, which is three times the normal price. Also, note that you cannot use the strippenkaart for inter-city transport.

Please note : you cannot use the strippenkaart for inter-city transport.

Taxi : taxis in the Netherlands are relatively expensive. Please take into account that:

A taxi from Shiphol to Utrecht costs around € 50

A taxi from Utrecht Central Station to any location within Utrecht should cost less than €10.

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