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TF3 - 3rd AgentLink III Technical Forum Program and Groups Announced

The AgentLink Technical Forum Groups for the next TF3 meeting in Budapest, Hungary, from the 15th-17th September, 2005, are now described on the web site:



TF2 - 2nd AgentLink III Technical Forum Program and Groups Announced

The AgentLink Technical Forum Groups for the next TF2 meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from the 28th February, 2005 - 2nd March, 2005, are now described on the web site:



AgentLink RSS News Update now available

The AgentLink RSS 1.0 News Update feed is now available, providing RSS complient browsers and news aggregators with up-to-date builetins on AgentLink Activities and Announcements. The RSS 1.0 feed is available from:

In addition to the AgentLink RSS News feed, several other RSS feeds are available from Agentlink, Partner Networks and Standards Bodies, including:

AgentLink Publication Clearing House - http://eprints.agentlink.org/perl/latest_tool?output=rss
KnowledgeBoard 2.0 - http://www.knowledgeboard.com/include/xml_rss2_syndicated1.xml
W3C - http://www.w3.org/2000/08/w3c-synd/home.rss


IST Call5 Preparatory Workshop Announced

The European Commission, DG Information Society, Grid Technologies Unit, are pleased to announce that the IST Call 5 Preparatory Workshop on Advanced Grid Technologies, Systems & Services will take place on 31 January - 1 February 2005 in Brussels.

The workshop will consist of a six sessions along the two days. Participation is open to all interested parties on a first come first served basis, due to space limitations.

Pre-registration is mandatory and can be done following the instructions given at:

The draft agenda is available for download and details are available at the above address. The report for the related Networking Session at IST 2004 is also available.

The workshop aims, in particular, to attract newcomers to the area to become actively involved in the discussion on emerging research ideas.

All participants are invited to send a position paper for the sessions they plan to attend. Amongst all papers received, a few of more general interest will be selected and their authors invited to make a short presentation (5 min) during the workshop; others will have the opportunity to make a short position statement (1 min 1 slide) depending on the number of submissions. All papers received are planned to be distributed to the workshop participants and published on the Unit Cordis web site. If you do not wish to have your paper distributed, please so indicate it by unticking the appropriate box on the template.

Position papers will be published, provided that they are sent before 10 January 2005, using the appropriate template.

For any problems or questions you may have, please contact Annalisa Bogliolo ( Annalisa.Bogliolo@cec.eu.int ).


EASSS 2005 Web Site On-line

Folllowing on from successful summer schools on Agent Systems in Utrecht, Saarbrucken, Prague, Barcelona, Bologna and Liverpool, Agentlink is planning to organise the Seventh European Agent Systems Summer School in Utrecht, the Netherlands, 18 - 22 July,2005.

The Call for tutorials has now closed; and the official Web Site is now online. Expect more details to be published in comming months.


Launch of the updated AgentLink Web Site

The AgentLink Web Site has been updated and now features The AgentLink Publication Clearing House and Semantic Web annotations for AgentLink Resources.

The AgentLink Publication Clearing House is a community-led index of papers and publications for Agent Based Research. It supports the uploading of papers to the site; details of the publications are then indexed and made available through a browsable and searchable interface. In addition, an RSS feed has been provided to support syndication of the latest uploaded papers (which also appear on the AgentLink home page). The underlying technology is based on the ePrints archive (http://www.eprints.org/).

Several of the resources published on the AgentLink web site are now available as both HTML formatted pages, and RDF/OWL annotated pages (thus providing support for the Semantic Web). This comes curtesy of the ODESeW Semantic Web Portal, developed by Universitat Politechnica Madrid, as part of the KnowledgeWeb project (http://knowledgeweb.semanticweb.org/).

Of course, the success of any community led resource is dependent on the community updating the resource themselves. So we urge you to submit papers to the site. There may be some errors or repeated entries in the current archive - we are in the process of cleaning this up right now.


AgentLink III Announcement

After negotiations with the European Commission through the second half of 2003, Agentlink III started officially on 1 January 2004. The project will run until 31 December 2005. Co-ordination for the project will be undertaken by Peter McBurney from the University of Liverpool and Terry Payne from the University of Southampton, UK.

There will be several changes in the structure of Agentlink III from what has gone before, and more details of the changes will be provided in due course. However Agentlink III will seek to continue the previous activities in one form or another.



After successful summer schools on Agent Systems in Utrecht, Saarbrucken, Prague, Bologna and Barcelona, Agentlink is planning to organise the 6th edition of this event in Liverpool, UK, 5 - 9 July 2004.

A typical course is 4 hours in total, but deviations are possible.Topics varied from foundational issues, social behaviour, learning and meta-reasoning, through applications in robotics and manufacturing.

For more details see the EASSS 2004 web pages:

Chair: Wiebe van der Hoek

AgentLink Coordinators: Peter McBurney, Terry Payne Southampton

EASSS'04 Board: Michael Luck, Onn Shehory, Carles Sierra, Gerhard Weiss, Michael Wooldridge

Local organisers: Rafael Bordini, Valentina Tamma.


AgentLink III

AgentLink III is currently in negotiation with the European Commission, and the target start date is 1 January 2004. Although the proposal was for three years, the Commission decided to fund AgentLink III only for two, so plans will need to be made early in the project relating to the best ways to continue AgentLink activity.Peter McBurney from the University of Liverpool is the named coordinator, and Terry Payne of the University of Southampton willshare the coordination responsibility.

Their emails are listed below.

Peter McBurney p.j.mcburney@csc.liv.ac.uk
Terry Payne trp@ecs.soton.ac.uk

There will be several changes in the structure of AgentLink III from what has gone before, of which more details will be provided in due course. However, AgentLink III will seek to continue the previous activities in one form or another.

Until AgentLink III begins formally in January, we will try to maintain the website as best possible, and will continue to provide updates on progress as needed.


Agent papers clearinghouse

AgentLink has established a clearinghouse for agent papers. In essence, this is a repository for bibliographic details and URLs to provide a resource for the community. To date, the clearinghouse has not been used greatly, but we have improved the pages and are seeking to provide a comprehensive resource for researchers, students, etc.

To make this work, we need your help. Simply go to the form at http://www.agentlink.org/resources/clearing-house/enter-pubs.php enter your publication details (together with URL) and submit it. Alternatively, mail sr2@ecs.soton.ac.uk with the relevant information.

Please note that you MUST include the appropriate section number so that we can classify the paper correctly. See http://www.agentlink.org/resources/clearing-house-view.html for details.

If you have comments about the classification of papers, email sr2@ecs.soton.ac.uk.


AgentLink III proposal submitted

After a lot of work, an AgentLink III proposal has been submitted in the first call of FP6. AgentLink III is proposed as a Coordination Action in the area of Semantic based knowledge systems, to continue the successful work of the current AgentLink project.

The proposal was put together by a team who will also lead the project: Peter McBurney and Mike Wooldridge of the University of Liverpool; Terry Payne and Michael Luck of the University of Southampton. Coordination will be shared between Liverpool and Southampton, but Peter McBurney will become the named coordinator if successful.

Because of time constraints, we did not seek forms for each member of the current network, but named existing members in an Annex, together with others who were keen to participate in a new network. If successful, these will be the first members of AgentLink III.

The proposal is available from the AgentLink document archive:



AgentLink Roadmap Published!

Version 1.0 of the AgentLink Roadmap has now been published as follows.

M. Luck, P. McBurney, and C. Preist. Agent Technology: Enabling Next Generation Computing. AgentLink, 2003. ISBN 0854 327886

Thanks to all those who contributed to the roadmap to make it an effective document. One of the intended uses for the roadmap is as a reference for proposals in FP6 and elsewhere, so take note.

Hard copies of the roadmap will be distributed to all members in due course. If you would like extra hard copies of the roadmap to distribute at conferences or, in particular, to industrial or other contacts, mail admin@agentlink.org with details of the distribution, and we will endeavour to provide them.

The roadmap aims to provide an assessment of the current state-of-the-art of agent-based computing, and to suggest important areas for future research and development, both for academia and industry.

The roadmap is a living document. Its value relies on contribution from the community in correction and refinement. Please provide feedback (corrections, omissions, constructive criticism, content, references, etc) for the next version. The more specific the content, the easier it will be to incorporate it into the next version.

The roadmap may be downloaded at:


It may not be downloadable with older versions of some web browsers.



AgentLink is the European Commission's IST-funded Coordination Action for Agent-Based Computing
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