he primary purpose of AgentLink III is to promote European activities in the research, development, dissemination, and deployment of agent-based computing technologies. To this end, organizations and companies engaged in agent-based R&D are welcome to apply for membership of AgentLink III.

Membership entitles the organisation to receive the folliowing benefits:

  • Employees and students of members are eligible to receive travel funding support to attend AgentLink III events (such as the European Agent Systems Summer School and the Agent Technical Forum meetings).
  • Members receive regular email alerts concerning agent-related events and news items.
  • Members receive a copy of the AgentLink III newsletter.
  • Members receive a complimentary subscription to the Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems.

Membership is free; however, members have an obligation to provide and maintain information on publications, research activities via the AgentLink website. Organizations which were members of AgentLink II need to re-apply to become members of AgentLink III.

In order to apply for membership, a site is required to complete a short application form, detailing their agent-related research and/or development activities. Membership requests are batched up and periodically considered by the management committee. AgentLink uses two rules to determine whether or not academic or industrial partners should be granted membership.

Industrial nodes
The only requirement placed on industrial nodes is that they can demonstrate a genuine interest in agent systems, typically through projects or suchlike. The rationale behind these criteria is that a key goal of AgentLink is to pump-prime industrial activity in agent technology. Encouraging industry to participate at an early stage of involvement in agent activities is therefore essential.

Academic nodes
For academic (i.e., university) nodes, the entry requirements for AgentLink are somewhat stricter. Such nodes are required to demonstrate some degree of quality in agent research and development. There are several ways in which such excellence might be demonstrated. Research publications in respected journals, conferences, or workshops are the most obvious way. The development of agent software or participation in European agent projects is another. Each case will be considered on its individual merits based on the visible evidence, but the overriding intention is that the academic membership of AgentLink should signify a certain standard of excellence in agent technology.

Currently we are not accepting any more membership applications as AgentLink III is no longer funded. If further funding can be found, then details of the future membership process will be published.



AgentLink is the European Commission's IST-funded Coordination Action for Agent-Based Computing
and is coordinated by the
University of Liverpool and University of Southampton
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