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Contact: Monique Calisti
Member node: 003
Whitestein Technologies AG Pestalozzistrasse 24 CH-8032 Zurich

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Whitestein Technologies was founded in 1999 with the mission to be a leading provider of advanced software agent technologies, products, solutions, and services for selected application domains and industries. Whitestein strongly believes that agent-based technologies and agent-oriented software engineering methodologies enable novel, attractive market opportunities for the design and the implementation of a next generation of distributed information systems and network infrastructures, in particular in combination with other leading edge technologies, like web services, mobile computing, grid computing, and pervasive technologies such as RFID smart tags.

Research at Whitestein is concerned with the development, application and analysis of sophisticated problem-solving techniques, optimization algorithms, control architectures and advanced software engineering concepts and tools applied to fields such as communication networks, logistics and e-finance services. Current research activities cover:

* Advanced solution concepts and algorithms for problem solving and reasoning methods reusable across application-independent scenarios. Current focus is on: distributed real-time optimization, planning and scheduling, complex search, multi-criteria matchmaking, integration of business rules, agent technology, etc.
* Key enabling technologies: software agents, pervasive computing, mobile and wireless computing, semantic web, ontologies, web services, etc.
* Platform, tools, methodologies, and components as the concrete means for implementing and supporting the above technologies."


Calisti, Monique and Dorer, Klaus and Danneger, Christian (2005) Living Systems Adaptive Transportation Networks. Agentlink News (17). pp. 32-34. ISSN 1465-3842

Brantschen, S and Haas, T (2002) Agents in a J2EE world. AgentLink News (9). pp. 15-19.

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