Hebrew University Multiagent Systems Research Group

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Contact: Prof. Jeffrey S. Rosenschein
Member node: 011
School of Engineering and Computer Science Ross Building Hebrew University Givat Ram Jerusalem 91904 Israel

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The Multiagent Systems Research Group at Hebrew University (a.k.a. Critical MAS) explores how to build intelligent agents that can work together. These agents might be cooperative, and looking for ways to help one another, or they might be competitive, and need to consider how they can resolve conflicts that arise. The MAS Research Group made its mark in early work on game theory and mechanism design as applied to multiagent negotiation and planning.

More recent work has branched out into a variety of additional MAS research areas, including multiagent learning, reputation systems, and dynamic multiagent control.

There are currently 4 PhD students and approximately 10 masters students working on theses and projects in our MAS research group. A full publication list from the MAS group can be found at the following URL:


Subrahmanian, VS and Bonatti, Piero and Dix, Jurgen and Eiter, Thomas and Kraus, Sarit and Ozcan, Fatma and Ross, Robert (2000) Heterogenous Active Agents. MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. ISBN 0262194368

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