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Acklin B.V. is specialized in applying agent technology to business related problems in commercial projects. In its threeyears existence Acklin already has served several European companies with state-of-the art distributed solutions based on agent, grid and knowledge technology. These companies include insurance companies, local governments, travel agencies, transport companies, retailers, energy providers, service companies and industrials. Acklin's team is consists of highly skilled engineers, business consultants and researchers.

In order to maintain its level of expertise Acklin participates in several national and international research projects. National projects include research on developing academic concepts into business applicable solutions, such as the Combined project (funded by The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs) which has as aim to develop agent-based solutions for complex decision-making.

Furthermore, research on agent based computing and embodied conversational agents has been done in close collaboration with national universities. International projects include the projects IBROW (IST-1999-19005), mini-projects for the Agentcities initiative (IST-2000-28385) and participation in AgentLink (IST-1999-29003).


van Aart, C.J. (2005) Organizational Principles for Multi-Agent Architectures. Whitestein Series in Software Agent Technologies. Birkhäuser, Basel. ISBN 3-7643-7213-3


[Project] Delft University of Technology, and Thales Research & Technology, and University of Amsterdam, and Acklin, B.V. and Inology, and Lithip Systems, (2004) Combined Systems.

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