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Profactor's Multi Agent System Group consists of 6 Members with support of 1 Student on average.

The two most relevant Agent-based Projects are:
- MaBE (Multi-agent Business Environment):
Profactor is the Coordinator of this FP5 RTD Project. Based on the JADE Platform a middleware supporting business collaboration in open environments is build. Research Topics include:
Development of an understandable and powerful system for implementing a trust environment. The main points addressed here are security issues, reputation mechanisms and confidence building mechanisms.
Development of an infrastructure supporting communication in open, ad-hoc forming collaborations by developing mechanisms for dynamic ontology usage and manipulation.
Coordination in open and dynamic environments. The infrastructure developed is build using the PROSA paradigm for representing supply networks combined with stigmery based coordination mechanisms.
Development of a design methodology and an infrastructure allowing the direct transformation of the design to the operative system. The key point addressed here is to provide a simple to understand system that is capable of representing different views on the system to be designed without the need to explicitly integrate the different views of the system


[Project] Fessl, Kurt and Weichhart, Georg and Mehandjiev, Nik and Stalker, Iain and Carpenter, Martin (2006) CrossWork: Cross-organisational Business Formation and Enactment.

[Project] Fessl, Kurt and Haemmerle, Alexander and Reitbauer, Alois and Ankerl, Martin and Weichhart, Georg (2005) MaBE: Multi-agent Business Environment.

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