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We are the academic lead for the Aspic project: an EU project looking at the different ways in which agents use argumentation - including reasoning, decision making, learning and communication. The goal of this project is a suite of software components to support these argumentation-based activities and a development platform for integrating these components with knowledge resources and legacy systems. The lab is also working on a successor to PROforma called TARGET. PROforma was developed in the lab as a language for representing clinical guidelines and can be considered as an agent specification language for a single agent that does not interact with other agents. TARGET is intended to be 'multi-agent enabled' successor to PROforma, providing, among other things, communication capabilities and plan repair. We have a researcher in the lab who is studying agent architectures and a PhD student looking at argumentation-based dialogues between agents.


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Conference or Workshop Item

Glasspool, D.W. (2000) The integration and control of behaviour: Insights from neuroscience and AI. In: Symposium on How to Design a Functioning Mind, 17 April - 20 April 2000, UK, University of Birmingham.

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