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Contact: Carles Sierra
Member node: 034
IIIA-CSIC Campus UAB 08193 Bellaterra Catalonia, Spain

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The research on agents done at the IIIA is mainly centered on four areas: agent mediated auctions, electronic institutions, negotiation and argumentation, and finally, agent architectures.

The IIIA is currently involved in five EU-funded projects, three of which are related with agents: MASFIT [IST-2000-28221] (take-up project) Agent-based E-Institutions for concurrent virtual auctions in real fish markets; SLIE [IST-1999-10948] E-Institutions for joint structural equation modelling and agent-based modelling of complex ecosystems; IBROW [IST-1999-19005] Agent-based brokering services for WWW Knowledge-Component reuse.

The IIIA produces abundant scientific publications and has received numerous awards. Pertinent to the area of agents, it was awarded the `Best Prototype Award' in the `Autonomous Agents and Multi Agent Systems' conference last year for the electronic institutions specification tool (ISLANDER). On topics around agents, IIIA researchers have published more than 50 papers.

To look for publications please go to the pages on Electronic Institutions:


Rodríguez-Aguilar, J.A and Martin, F.J and Giménez, F.J and Gutiérrez, D and Garcia, P and Sierra, C and Noriega, P (1998) FM: A Test-bed for Auction Markets. AgentLink News (1). pp. 9-10.

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