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Contact: Dr. Andr
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TNO Schoemakerstraat 97 2628 VK Delft The Netherlands
The Netherlands

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We support knowledge workers in industry, healthcare and government with application-based solutions. We know how to integrate knowledge in auxiliary information systems and how to model and construct these systems. Our strength lies in our thorough knowledge of data-processing methods, system architecture and cooperating intelligence.

Our products:
Integrated knowledge representations of products or processes and knowledge models of application domains (semantic models, ontological models) form a basis for the design and implementation of knowledge systems for industrial production lines, pilot-systems for law enforcement applications, military command & control and other application systems.
Other products are: management of complex technical development projects (e.g. pilot systems for telemedicine), system architecture and safety analysis studies, feasibility studies on novel applications of ICT-technology as a supportive means for complex organisations, etc.
Our goal is an integrated method for supporting the development, use, diagnosis and maintenance of technical products, to facilitate safety, usability and maintainability of these products. These products often show characteristics of distributed intelligence and emergent behaviour.

We apply our technologies in the following areas and markets:

* Traffic and transport (traffic management and road management)
* Public Safety (law enforcement)
* Health care sector (telecare, telemedicine, supportive systems)
* Ministry of transport, public works and water management
* Banking institutes (e-commerce)
* Automotive industry (system safety for in-vehicle information systems).
* Advisory, research and development work directed at enhancing the processes surrounding command and operational decision making, intelligence handling, education and training
* Support for the Armed Services and Ministry of Defence in the evaluation, improvement, acquisition, development and implementation of concepts and systems
* Evaluation and development of C2-concepts and systems, design and prototyping of decision support tools, modelling, simulation and evaluation of integrated sensor, weapon and combat systems, design and prototyping of on-board tactical decision aids
* Evaluation and development of education and training concepts and systems, simulation of artificial environments (virtual reality, distributed interactive simulation), design and prototyping of simulators
* Information Assurance and Critical Infrastructure Protection



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