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Research within AgentBased Simulations and Agents within Ubiquitous Computing Environments.


Verhagen, H. (2003) Autonomy and Reasoning for Natural and Artificial Agents. Computational Autonomy.

Houstis, E.N. and Balakrishnan, G. and Catlin, A. and Dhanjani, N. and Lalis, S. and Stamatogiannakis, M. and Rice, J.R. and Houstis, C. (2001) Network-based Scientific Computing. Scientific Software Architecture. pp. 3-28.

Conference or Workshop Item

Brouwers, L. and Verhagen, H. (2003) Applying the Consumat Model to Flood Management Policies. In: Agent-Based Simulation, April 2003, Montpellier, France.

Ekelin, M. and Samuelsson, D. and Verhagen, H. (2003) Achieving a Rewarding Meeting with an Artificial Chairman. In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Collaboration Agents: Autonomous Agents for Collaborative Environments, 2003.

Buhler, P. and Vidal, J.M. and Verhagen, H. (2003) Adaptive Workflow = Web Services + Agents. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Services, 2003.

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