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The Centre for Policy Modelling (CPM) at the Manchester Metropolitan University is an international leading research centre for agent-based social simulation (ABSS). The senior members of the CPM are currently Dr. Bruce Edmonds and Professor Scott Moss. Recent past members include David Hales and Juliette Rouchier.

Scott Moss, was the coordinator of the ABSS SIG in AgentLink I&II, and recently president of the newly formed European Society for Social Simulation. He chaired and co-edited the International Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation (MABS) in 2000 (LNCS 1979). Recent papers about applications of ABSS include the US National Academy of Sciences, Integrated Assessment and ICANN 2001.

Bruce Edmonds, is a senior research fellow at the CPM. Has recently co-edited: book on "Socially Intelligent Agents" (Kluwer), MABS 2003 (LNCS), and "Model to Model" - a special issue of Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS). He is currently editing special issues in JASSS on "The Use of Logic in Agent-based Social Simulation" and in Simulation on "The Application of Agent-based simulation to Social and organisational domains". Recent papers include ones at: AAMAS (2002, 2003) and at "LNCS" events: MABS (2000, 2002), ESOA 2003, ICANN 2001, RASTA 2002, ATAL 2000, ABiALS 2003. Other agent-papers include two in JASSS (2003, 2004) and 6 other book chapters since 2000. BE is a member of the EU NoE on complexity (EXYSTENCE) and the UK EPSRC NoW on Evolvability. More information on BE including a complete list of publications can be found at:

The CPM developed the ABSS language "SDML" which is used by several universities accross the globe. There are currently 4 phd students at the CPM, all developing aspects of ABSS. Recent CPM grants include: FIRMA a 5FP to apply agents to issues of freshwater management (, an AgentCities node grant and contracts to develop ABSS simulations for DEFRA (UK gove. dept). We are currently part of 3 applications for projects under 6FP and two EPSRC applications under their "Novel Computation" call with Edinburgh and Oxford Universities respectively.

Full details are at the CPM website of:

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