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University of Thessaly Dept. of Computer & Communication Engineering 37 Glavani - 28th October Str Deligiorgi Building, 4th floor, Room D3/4 382 21 Volos - Greece

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Since it belongs to a new university (it was founded in March 2000), the Department of Computer & Communication Engineering (, University Of Thessaly cannot currently show an excessive number of research results. However, it is continuously attracting researchers from all over the world (see details regarding the staff involved in agent research below) who are highly motivated and aim to combine their international expertise to achieve research excellence.

The people involved in Agent research in our Department are:

Dr. Anthony Karageorgos

Anthony was with the Dept. of Computation, UMIST, UK until January 2004. He has done agent-related research which was sponsored by BT labs and he has participated in


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Conference or Workshop Item

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