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Contact: Prof. Hussein Zedan
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STRL H00.18 Hawthorn Building The Gateway LE1 9BH Leicester

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At STRL, we are investigating the applicability of Interval
Temporal Logic (ITL) for the formal specification of Multi Agent Systems and Web services. Our key areas of research are specification of compositional properties, security requirements together with the functional and temporal requierements of these systems. We are currently developing the uniform formal framework SANTA that allows to specify security, temporal and functional requirements at the same level of abstraction.

These specifications can be animated and validated at runtime, using the
AnaTempura-Interpreter that can interpret specifications given in Tempura, an
executable subset of ITL. We also plan to provide a refinement calculus for the
formal development of MAS and toolsupport that assists the developer in the
refinement process.

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