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Contact: Pericles A. Mitkas
Member node: 061
6th KM. Charilaou - Thermi Road P.O. BOX 361 GR - 570 01 Thermi, Thessaloniki GREECE

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The Intelligent Systems and Software Engineering Laboratory (ISSEL) was founded on January 2001 and is part of the Informatics and Telematics Institute (ITI), Centre of Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH). During the past years, ISSEL has been actively involved in research on agent technology, multi-agent systems and their applications, software engineering, data mining and database management. ISSEL has coordinated AgentAcademy, an IST-funded project for the development of an integrated framework for building MAS, and has also been involved in numerous european and national projects, while staying in close collaboration with many industries and SMEs. ISSEL's goal is to support efforts aimed at raising the profile, quality, and industrial relevance of Agent Systems research and development.

It should be denoted that ISSEL has also participated in the AgentLink II effort.

Book Section

Kehagias, D.D. and Symeonidis, A.L. and Chatzidimitriou, K.C. and Mitkas, P.A. (2004) Information agents cooperating with heterogenous data sources for customer-order management. In: Proceedings of the 2004 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC). , Nicosia, Cyprus.

Conference or Workshop Item

Guizzardi, R. and Koumpis, A. and Aroyo, L. and Konstantas, D. and Symeonidis, A.L. and Kehagias, D.D. (2003) Agent Academy: A Data Mining Framework for Training Intelligent Agents. In: AgentCities information Days 3, Agent Technology Conference, 6-8 Feb 2003, Barcelona, Spain.

Guizzardi, R. and Kehagias, D.D. and Symeonidis, A.L. and Athanasiadis, I. and Koumpis, A. and Perez, G. (2003) Testing Agent Academy: a new methodology for training intelligent agents. In: AgentCities information Days 3, Agent Technology Conference, 6-8 Feb 2003, Barcelona, Spain.

Mitkas, P.A. (2002) Agent Academy: A Data Mining Framework for training Intelligent Agents. In: European Projects Presentation Day of the 13th Eur. Conf. on Machine Learning, 6th Eur. Conf. on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML/PKDD 2002), 20 Aug 2002, Helsinki, Finland.

Mitkas, P.A. and Dogac, A. (2002) An Agent Framework for Dynamic Agent Retraining: Agent Academy. In: eBusiness and eWork 2002 (e2002) 12th annual conference and exhibition, 16-18 Oct 2002, Prague, Czech Republic.

Symeonidis, A.L. and Mitkas, P.A. and Kehagias, D.D. (2002) Mining patterns and rules for improving agent intelligence through an integrated multi-agent platform. In: 6th IASTED International Conference, Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing (ASC 2002), 17-19 Jul 2002, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Kehagias, D.D. and Symeonidis, A.L. and Mitkas, P.A. and Alborg, M. (2002) Towards improving multi-agent simulation in safety management and hazards control environments. In: 2002 AI, Simulation and Planning in High Autonomous Systems - AIS2002, 7-10 Apr 2002, Lisbon, Portugal.


[Project] Mitkas, P. and Griera i Fisa, M. (2001) Agent Academy.

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