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Contact: Brian Boswell
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Calico Jack Ltd. Argyll House, Marketgait, Dundee, DD1 1QP

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Calico Jack is a multi-agent system (MAS) company whose vision is to augment current technological, infrastructure and service models in the domain of mobile telecommunications, using our MAS platform - Jackdaw.

Current work includes partnering with a large mobile network operator (MNO), where the company is seeking to add value to specific network services by exploiting various aspects of agency offered by Jackdaw to enhance both the quality and underlying nature of those services.

Calico Jack is a growing company investigating many aspects of multi-agent systems, and has filed patents in both novel implementation techniques and novel applications of such systems.

In addition to bringing robust, useful and profitable multi-agent systems to market, Calico Jack also seeks to assist in the further development and maturation of the field as a whole. We have recently released an industrial-strength multi-agent system development kit, JUDE, with free licensing for academic use. In the near future, we look forward to presenting meaningful statistics to demonstrate Jackdaw scalability and encourage open debate and research in scalability through the use of functional metrics.

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