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Contact: Maurizio Martelli
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Via Dodecaneso 35, 16146 Genova

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The "Dipartimento di Informatica e Scienze dell'Informazione -- Universita` degli Studi di Genova" is very active in the following agent-related areas:

1) agent-oriented software engineering,
2) agent languages and architectures,
3) ontologies for agent-based P2P systems.

The researchers that are mainly involved in these activities are Maurizio Martelli (full professor) and Viviana Mascardi (research assistant). Currently, they are following seven master theses on agent-related subjects, they are involved in several academic and industrial projects ("Verifica di Sistemi Reattivi basata su Vincoli" (COVER), "Sviluppo e verifica di sistemi multiagente basati sulla logica" (Massive), "Tecniche proattive di Web personalization" (ClickWorld)), and they are part of the Program Committees of international conferences and workshops such as AAMAS, DALT and EUMAS, as well as of national ones such as WOA and the "Agents and Constraints" Italian Workshop.
Agent-oriented software engineering

Integration and reusing of different kinds of information and software tools is a pressing necessity that more and more complex applications have to cope with. This fact and the distributed nature of many applications made it very appealing to use multi-agent technology. However, agent-based software still lacks well founded development methodologies, thus rapid prototyping and executable specifications could be very important for the realization of these applications. We are investigating how Logic Programming and Computational Logic in general can be exploited to realize low-cost executable prototypes of multi-agent systems that integrate different kinds of legacy software into more complex applications. The prototyping system we have developed is called DCaseLP (Distributed Complex Application Specification Environment based on Logic Programming).

Agent languages and architectures

We have defined CooBDI, an extension of the BDI architecture with the notion of cooperativity. Agents can cooperate by exchanging and sharing plans in a quite flexible way. As a main result Coo-BDI promotes adaptivity and sharing of resources; as a by-product, it provides a better support for dealing with agents which do not possess their own procedural knowledge for processing a given event. The integration of CooBDI and the Jason interpreter for the AgentSpeak language is under way.

Ontologies for agent-based P2P systems

We have developed a framework for evaluating and comparing methodologies for ontology development and we have applied it to the evaluation of three existing methodologies. The framework is characterised by a domain-independent step and by an application-driven step. It has been adopted to analyse and compare the ``Ontology Development 101'' methodology, the ``Unified Methodology'' and EXPLODE, in respect to the analysis, design, verification and implementation of an ontology for content-based retrieval of XML documents in agent-based P2P networks.


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