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Division of Applied Computing University of Dundee Dundee DD1 4HN

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Agents research at Dundee focuses primarily on theoretical aspects of agent communication. Work with Norman (Norman & Reed, 2001; Norman & Reed, 2002; Kollingbaum et al., 2003) has explored the notions of delegation and responsibility in a formal style. As part of the EPSRC funded "Information Exchange" project (collaborative with Aberdeen and Southampton), PhD research has concentrated on developing a formal specification for argumentation based dialectical systems of agent communication (Wells and Reed, 2004). Foundational work for that project (Reed at al., 2002) formulated a framework for dynamic semantic derivation. As argumentation plays an increasingly important role in agent communication, work on practical (Walton & Reed, 2004; Katzav & Reed, 2004; Reed & Walton, 2004) and legal (Prakken et al., 2003) models of argument becomes important in specifying agent communication protocols (Reed & Norman, 2003). Finally, various students at Dundee have developed more concrete applications using Calico Jack's JUDE agent platform, including applications in finance, e-commerce, e-democracy and biological modelling.


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