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Contact: Karl-Heinz Krempels
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1. Development of MAS of the 1th Generation
- JAE (Java Agent Environment)
The focus of this research work was the design of MAS supporting mobile agents in communication networks.

2. Ontology Modelling, Implementation
- OntoRep - an Ontology Repository that supports ontology maintenance with the help of Protege and is able to provide the exported ontologies on demand in different representation formats to Agents with the help of an OntologyAgent
- JessAgentTab - a Protege Plugin to export an Ontology to the JESS (Java Expert System Shell)
As member of the Priority Research Programm SPP1083 sponsored by the German Research Council (DFG) we developed a domain ontology for the MMAS Prototype Agent.Hospital that provides concepts for planning and scheduling of hospital scenarios.

3. MAS Infrastracture Services and Tools
- Peer 2 Peer Directory Facilitator - a reliable and enhanced Peer 2 Peer DF
- ASCML (Agent Society Configuration Manager and Launcher) - a tool agent able to launch an manage distributed agent scenarios provided as agent and agent society descriptions.
The evaluation of different aspects of MAS requires the possibility to set up a distributed configuration of agent services, and a reliable routing of requests and queries in the network.

4. MAS Development Tool
- JessAgent - an agent component based on JESS, JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) and a FIPA-SL2JESS Adapters. ACL-messages received by an agent are parsed and translated from FIPA-SL to JESS, then the content is processed in the JESS engine. With the help of JESS function loaded from user packages the agent can initiate interactions with other agents in a proactive way.
- JessAgentTab
With the help of the described agents and tools we are able to implement quickly different agent based problem solving methods in the area planning and scheduling. Furthermore, a higher development level is provided.


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