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Contact: Omer F. Rana
Member node: 101
School of Computer Science and Welsh eScience Centre, Cardiff University, 5 The Parade, Cardiff CF24 3XF, UK

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Various agent related activities are taking place at Cardiff:

CONNOISE and CONNOISE-G (EPSRC/DTI funded), involves Cardiff, Aberdeen, Southampton, BT
(explores the formation of virtual organisations and resource sharing
based on agents)

DIPSO (EPSRC/DTI), involves Cardiff, University of West of England, SEA Group, EVOTEC OAI
(explores the use of agents to support workflow applications)

LEAF (local Cardiff project) -- explores the formation of "utility" based
agent communities. LEAF is a toolkit that extends the FIPA-OS system.

GENSS (EPSRC) -- involves Bath University
(explores the use of semantic matchmaking for numerical services -- such
as those provided in NAG libraries).


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Book Section

Majithia, S. and Shaikhali, A. and Rana, O.F. and Walker, D.W. (2004) Reputation-based Semantic Service Discovery. In: Workshop on Emerging Technologies for Next generation Grid (ETNGRID-2004) at 13th IEEE International Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructures for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE-2004). IEEE Computer Society Press, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy.

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Akram, A. and Rana, O.F. (2003) Organising Service-Oriented Peer Collaborations. In: International Conference on Service Oriented Computing. Springer Verlag, Italy.

Conference or Workshop Item

Deora, V. and Shao, J. and Gray, W.A. and Fiddian, N.J. (2003) A Quality of Service Management Framework Based on User Expectations. In: Event Title UNSPECIFIED.

Barbosa, F. and Cunha, J. and Rana, O.F. and Lynden, S.J. (2003) Coordination in Utility Managed Multi-Agent Groups. In: 10th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering Research and Applications, Parallel and Distributed Computing Track, Jul 2003, Madeira Island, Portugal.

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Akram, A. and Rana, O.F. (2003) Structuring Peer-2-Peer Communities. In: 3rd IEEE International Conference on Peer-2-Peer Computing, Sep 2003, Linkoping, Sweden.

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