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The Automated System Division at ITC-irst is active in the following main research areas related to agents and multi-agent systems:
- Agent-oriented software engineering methodologies for distributed systems [1]
- Resource Optimisation in Grid Environments [2]
- MultiContext Logics (MC Logics) [3,4]
- Programming Logic-Based Agent [5]

More details can be found at http:/, research line "Distributed Intelligence".


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Bresciani, P. and Giorgini, P. and Giunchiglia, F. and Mylopoulos, J. and Perini, A. (2004) Tropos: An Agent-Oriented Software Development Methodology. Journal of Autonomous Agent and MultiAgent Systems, 8 (3). pp. 203-236.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Fisher, M. and Ghidini, C. (1999) Programming Resource-Bounded Deliberative Agents. In: IJCAI99.

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