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Contact: Ciprian Candea
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550129, Reconstructiei Nr. 2A, Sibiu, Romania

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Our company in last years uses the Multi Agents Systems technology in commercial products. We are using the MAS in task like information retrieval (we have developed a commercial system Search Engine Agents – SEA now the system is contained by a Knowledge management system - ConnAct), group decision systems (win-gdss) and now we are preparing new and interesting approach for e-commerce support decision system where we are using also MAS technology.

Our research activity includes EU co-finance, local ministry co-finance or WPCS finance projects and in all this the MAS technology is promoted. With this we find new challenge but also to have a real test bench for technology and feedback from end users or partners.


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Zamfirescu, C.B. and Candea, C. and Luca, S.I. (2001) On integrating Agents Into GDSS. In preprints of the 9th IFAC / IFORS / IMACS / IFIP/ Symposium on Large Scale Systems: Theory and Applications. .

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