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Contact: Dr. Rafael H. Bordini
Member node: 146
University of Durham University Office Old Elvet Durham DH1 3HP

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1. The following members of staff at the Department of Computer Science
of the Univesrity of Durham have an interest in Agent research:

1.1) Dr. Rafael H. Bordini

Interests: formal methods for multi-agent systems,
agent-oriented programming languages, and the use of
multi-agent systems for social simulation

Full publication list available at:

1.2) Prof. Iain Stewart

Interests: complexity of agent design proglems

Full publication list available at:

1.3) Dr. William Song

Interests: applications of agent technologies for the Semantic
Web, Web Services, and e-Business

Full publication list available at:

2. Members of staff at the Department of Anthropology with interest in
Agent-Based Social Simulation:

2.1) Prof. Robert H. Layton (

Interests: agent-based social simulation, modelling the
evolution of social and cultural change

Home page:

2.2) Dr. Stephen Lyon

Interests: agent-based social simulation, e-science tools for
field research, Grid applications, e-Social Science

Home page:


Lyon, S. (2004) Modeling context in Punjabi conflict resolution: Social organizations as context agents. Cybernetics and Systems: An International Journal.

Lyon, S. (2002) Modelling Competing Contextual Rules: Conflict Resolution in Punjab. Cybernetics and Systems.


Lyon, S. (2004) An Anthropological Analysis of Local Politics and Patronage in a Pakistani Village. Lampeter: Edwin Mellen Press. .

Song, W. and Chen, D. and Chung, J-Y. and Li, X. and Zhang, M. (2004) An investigation on using web services for micro-payment. Proceedings of European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS 2004). .

Bordini, R. and Fisher, M. and Visser, M. and Wooldridge, M. (2004) Model checking rational agents. IEEE Intelligent Systems. .

Bordini, R. and Fisher, M. and Visser, W. and Wooldridge, M. (2004) State-space reduction techniques in agent verification. Proceedings of the Third International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems. , New York.

Lyon, S. (2004) The Pakistani Punjabi Family and Household as a Core Information Processing System. .

Stewart, I.A. (2003) The complexity of achievement and maintenance problems in agent-based systems. Artificial Intelligence. .

Bordini, R. and Okuyama, F.Y. and de Oliveira, D. and Drehmer, G. and Krafta, R.C. (2002) The MAS-SOC approach to multi-agent based simulation. Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Regulated Agent-Based Social Systems: Theories and Applications. .

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