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Different researchers and groups in the Department are active in the area of Multi-Agent Systems research. In particular, an original model for situated Multi-Agent Systems has been proposed and there are different ongoing projects exploiting this model in the context of agent-based simulation, context-aware pervasive computing systems development, agent-based adaptive web systems. A partial list of publication related to these activities is reported below.

From an education point of view, a specific course is devoted to distributed Artificial Intelligence, and a relevant part of it is focused on Multi-Agent Systems.


Bandini, Stefania and Manzoni, Sara and Vizzari, Giuseppe (2004) MultiAgent Approach to Localization Problems: the Case of Multilayered Multi Agent Situated System. Web Intelligence and Agent Systems An International Journal, 2 (3). pp. 155-166.

Bandini, Stefania and Manzoni, Sara and Vizzari, Giuseppe (2004) Situated Cellular Agents for Crowd Simulation and Visualization. Complexity and Integrated Resources Management, Transactions of the 2nd Biennial Meeting of the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society, iEMSs 2004. pp. 289-294.

Bandini, Stefania and Manzoni, Sara and Vizzari, Giuseppe (2004) Situated Cellular Agents: a Model to Simulate Crowding Dynamics. IEICE - Transactions on Information, E87-D (3). pp. 669-676.

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