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Contact: Emanuela Merelli
Member node: 165
Via Madonna delle Carceri, 9 62032 Camerino

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Our research unit focuses on mobile middleware based agent technology. Our main efforts concern Hermes, agent-based middleware for mobile computing. Hermes is structured as a component-based, with a 3-layers software architecture. It provides an integrated environment where application domain experts can focus on designing activity workflow and ignore the topological structure of distributed execution environment. Generating mobile agents from a workflow specification is the responsibility of a context-aware compiler.

In the last few years, we have been validating Hermes into two application domains, one in industrial control and the other in Bioinformatics and System Biology.

These efforts have been carried out within the support of the Center of Excellence for Research "DEWS: Architectures and Design Methodologies for Embedded Controllers, Wireless Interconnect and System-on-chip" and by Italian CIPE project ``Sistemi Cooperativi Multiagente".


Corradini, Flavio and Merelli, Emanuela and Vita, Marco (2005) A Multi-Agent System for Modelling Carbohydrate Oxidation in Cell. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3481. pp. 1265-1273.

Corradini, Flavio and Merelli, Emanuela (2005) Hermes: agent-based middleware for mobile computing. Lecture Nites in Computer Science, 3465.

Corradini, Flavio and Mariani, Leonardo and Merelli, Emanuela (2004) An agent-based layered middleware as tool integration. Software Tools for Technology Transfer, Springer Journal, 6 (3).

Conference or Workshop Item

Bonura, Diego and Mariani, Leonardo and Merelli, Emanuela (2003) Designing Modular Agent Systems. In: Net.ObjectDays Conference, 22-25 Sept 2003, Erfurt, Germany.

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