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Most of the agent-related activities at Macaulay Institute are related to the FEARLUS modelling system (, which has been developed and used for agent-based social simulation, specifically of land use change and catchment management. Members of the FEARLUS team (Nick Gotts, Gary Polhill and Luis Izquierdo) have also developed smaller pieces of agent-based simulation and related software for specific purposes. Most of the software developed is, or will be, made available under GNU public licence. Members of the team are involved in a number of internal and external collaborations, including a project to link FEARLUS with a hydrochemical model (CAMEL) developed at the Macaulay; a project with Aberdeen University computing scientists to make FEARLUS available using "Semantic Grid" technology; an ongoing collaboration with Claudio Cioffi-Revilla and Dawn Parker of George Mason University Center for Social Complexity, which has focused on cross-disciplinary comparisons of agent-based models of competition for territory, and modelling land economics; and an EU STREP under the NEST Pathfinder initiative, CAVES (Complexity, Agents, Volatility, Evidence and Scale) coordinated by Prof. Scott Moss of Manchester Metropolitan University Centre for Policy Modelling, and involving institutions from UK, Germany, Austria, Poland, Sweden and South Africa.

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