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Contact: Kallol Borah
Member node: 191
Regent House 24-25 Nutford Place London W1H 5YN

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Aumega Networks is a software infrastructure products company that is focused on providing agent based middleware for Ubiquitous computing. The company's agent platform, named INDUS, comprises of an object oriented programming language called Indus that is used to implement software agents. Indus provides new language abstractions for agent coordination and composition of components by agents that lead to greater software reuse. The language is accompanied by the Indus container / run time libraries that enable Indus developers to deploy and execute agents across a distributed network of devices, whether they are 8/16/32/64 bit platforms, thus enable pervasive computing across networks. The deployment across a variety of platforms is also made possible by the Indus compiler tool chain that generates Java, C and Small C code and binaries on a variety of hardware platforms. The Indus container automates tasks like lifecycle management, run time discovery and connections, transactions, policies, intelligent routing and security.

Aumega Networks also partners with companies to build solutions in the areas of automation & control, supply chain management, vehicular networks, consumer devices and mobility applications.

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