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Contact: Marie Duzi
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The Czech Republic

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In February 2004 a group of logicians in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics founded the Research Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LabIS) in order to integrate research in the area of Logic and Artificial Intelligence. We investigate current methods as well as develope new ones, namely methods and systems based on a rigorous logical framework, which lay emphasis on the integration of syntax as well as correct fine-grained semantics. As a result, major research activities covered by LabIS can be summarised as follows:
logical analysis of natural language, logical specification of a multi-agent system, epistemic, doxastic and dynamic logics, knowledge representation, inference machines, non-monotonic reasoning, belief revision, process management, simulation and prediction. This research is supported by the grant project "Logic and Artificial Intelligence for multi-agent systems" within the "Information Society" program of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

For more details on LabIS see: http://www.cs.vsb.cz/labis/index_eng.html

For the web-page of Transparent Intensional Logic, see: http://til.phil.muni.cz/


[Project] Duzi, Marie and Vondrak, Ivo and Rapant, Petr (2004) Logic and artificial intelligence for multi-agent systems.

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