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         RA1: Micro/agent-level issues in agent technology

1.1 Agent Control Architecture
1.1.1 Deliberative/cognitive agent control architectures and planning
1.1.2 Reactive/behavioural agent control architectures
1.1.3 Hybrid agent control architectures
1.1.4 Layered agent control architectures

1.2 Foundations of Agency
1.2.1 Practical reasoning/planning and acting
1.2.2 Rational action and agency
1.2.3 Decision making, decision theory, and agency
1.2.4 Agent representation and specification formalisms
1.2.5 Semantics of agency and logics of agency
1.2.6 Computational/complexity issues of agency

RA2: Macro/society-level issues in agent technology

2.1 Cooperation
2.1.1 Cooperation protocols
2.1.2 Models and formalisms for cooperation
2.1.3 Game/economic theoretic models of cooperation
2.1.4 Conflict detection and resolution in multi-agent systems
2.1.5 Coalitions and coalition formation

2.2 Coordination
2.2.1 Coordination techniques and protocols
2.2.2 Coordination languages and systems

2.3 Computational Market Systems

2.3.1 Market-based control
2.3.2 Market-oriented programming

2.4 Communication
2.4.1 Agent communication languages
2.4.2 Speech actsNegotiation, bidding, and argumentation

2.5 Negotiation, bidding and argumentation

2.6 Foundations of multi-agent systems

2.6.1 Emergence of cooperation and social action
2.6.2 Sociology, ethology, and their relationship to multi-agent systems
2.6.3 Emergent functionality and swarm behaviour in multi-agent systems
2.6.4 Semantics of multi-agent systems and logics of multi-agent systems
2.6.5 Computational/complexity issues of multi-agent systems

RA3: Agent systems implementation issues

3.1 Environments and testbeds for agent system development

3.2 Programming languages, tools, and libraries for agent system development

3.3 Relationship of agents to objects and other paradigms (e.g., logic programming)

3.4 Evaluating agent systems

RA4: Best practice in agent system development

4.1 Standards for (multi-) Agent Systems

4.2 Analysis, specification,design and verification techniques for agent systems

RA5: Overview / Review Articles

DA: Development and Application Areas

DA1: Electronic Commerce Information gathering, management and retrieval
DA2: Information gathering, management and retrieval
DA3: Internet and World-Wide-Web agents
DA4: Expert assistants & human-computer interfaces
DA5: Business process control, workflow, emergency management
DA6: Industrial control & scheduling, embedded systems
DA7: Telecomms network management and control
DA8: Simulation
DA9: Entertainment and virtual environments
DA10: Education
DA11: Robotics
DA12: Mobile computing
DA13: Intelligent home & office
DA14: Advanced services
DA15: Health
DA16 Grid Computing
DA17 Bioinformatics



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