At the beginning of 2004, several projects were funded under the "Semantic-Based Knowledge Systems" Action Line, as part of the European Union's Sixth Framework (FP6). Whilst many of these project have a clear focus on Semantic Web research, Agent-based technology plays a key role as an enabling technology for the Semantic Web, as well as an important consumer of much of the content that will be annotated and deployed on the Semantic Web. To facilitate and increase shared awareness, AgentLink is collaborating with five other Networks of Excellence under this Action Line so as to promote high quality, agent-based technology within the Semantic Web Community, and to raise greater understanding within the Agent community of one of the more significant technologies to emerge in the new millennia.

Summaries of each of the projects appeared in past issues of the AgentLink NEWS newsletter, published three times a year; the collection of summaries is also available for download.

Semantic Web Days 2005

KB2.0 SIG: Agent and Multi-Agent Systems for KM
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Semantic Web Days 2005






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