Contact: Dr. Francois Bousquet <>
Course II: MAS and Integrated Natural Resource Management
Lecturer: Bousquet, Le Page
Contents: System dynamics, Game theory and Cellular automata as introduction. Multi-agent systems (Introduction, computational aspects, MAS and resource management, MAS and geography, MAS and economics, ecology, water management). Half time lectures half time practice with Cormas.
Duration: Two weeks
Offered by regular staff members?: Yes
Average number and education level of students: About 50 people attend the three training organized per year.

Suggested Literature: Ferber, Weiss

The next courses will be held at:

· Wageningen (Nederlands), September 17-28, 2001
· Kon Khaen (Thailand), October 8-19, 2001.
· Montpellier (France), February 4-15, 2002.
· Alexandrie (Egypt), February 25 - March 7, 2002.

Past Courses:

· Montpellier (France), February 2001.
· Los Banos (Philippines), November 2000,
· Pretoria (South Africa), August 2000,
· Montpellier (France), May 2000,
· Montpellier (France), December 1999,
· Chiang Mai (Thailand), November 1999,
· Montpellier (France), April 1999,
· Montpellier (France), March 1998,
· Montpellier (France), December 1998,
· Montpellier (France), October 1997.
· Yaounde (Cameroon), May 1996.


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