Contact: Sarit Kraus
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Department/ group:
Agent technology and e-Commerce
Onn Shehory
1 semester

1 Agents and MAS
2 Agent design
3 Concurrent architectures
4 Protocols and strategies
5 Implementation issues
6 Auctions
7 Negotiation
8 eMarketplace trends
9 Coalitions
10 Agent oriented software engineering
11 Security
12 Mobility
13 Communication and Mediation
14 Information gathering

Literature re commended to students?:
Agent Technology , edited by N. R. Jennings and M. J. Wooldridge,
Springer 1998,
Readings in Agents , edited by M. N. Huhns and M. P. Singh, Morgan Kaufmann 1998.
Software Agents , edited by J. M. Bradshaw, MIT Press 1997.
Part of a regular curriculum?: Yes
Offered by regular members of staff?: No
Average number and education level of students:
Is the material used public?: A web page of the course is not active currently, but similar materials are found in another course on agents by Onn Shehory
at the Technion: http://

Number of Agent-related theses per year: 1


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