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Course: Distributed artificial intelligence
Lecturer: Pádraig Cunningham
Contents:Intelligent Agents: multi-agent systems, interface agents, mobile agents. AIapplications enabled by the Internet.

The emergence of the Internet has generated a new interest in applied artificial intelligence (AI). Useful distributed AI applications have been developed that exhibit a small amount of intelligence but add a lot of value. Examples include intelligent agent systems such as BargainFinder, which finds CDs at bargain prices, or Firefly, which recommends music. These systems have characteristics that are different to other AI applications; they deal with large amounts of information and require large numbers of users.
Course work: The course work will involve a team project in which students will develop a basic distributed AI application for the Internet.
Duration: 1semester
Offered by regular staff members?: Yes
Average number and education level of students: level one
Suggested Literature: "Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach: The Intelligent Agent Book", S. Russel and P. Norvig, Prentice Hall 1995. " Foundations of Distributed Artificial Intelligence", Greg O'Hare and Nick Jennings, John Wiley and Sons 1996.


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