Contact: Christine Bel ( )
Number of students: 70 students (Information and Knowledge Technology)
Department/group: Knowledge Technology

Course: (part of) Realisation of Knowledge based systems
Lecturer: Christine Bel ( ), Jan Treur (guest)
Duration: 8 days in a period of nearly two months, 2-3 days about agents
agent technology in general, compositional design of MAS using DESIRE, agent applications, (personal agents/profiling?)
Literature recommended to students?: -
Part of a regular curriculum?: Yes
Offered by regular staff members?: Yes
Regularly offered?: Yes
Status: Ongoing
Average number and education level of students: 16 undergraduates
Is material used public?: No

Agent-related theses per year: 2 masters

Number of industrial/commercial employees: 110
Department/group: Knowledge technology

Agent-related courses/seminars in which people working at your department/section/group have participated:
Course: Design of multi-agent systems (DEMAS)
Offered by: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Duration: 5 days



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