Contact: Dr. Jerzy Surma
( )
Number of students: 100 per year
Department/group: Faculty of Computer Science and Management, Department of Computer Science, Software Engineering Group

Course: Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Lecturer: Jerzy Surma ( )
Duration: 15 weeks, 3 hours per week
This course is mainly based on Russell and Norvig textbook: 1. AI Introduction, 2. Intelligent Agents as the AI framework, 3. Solving problems by searching, 4. Acting logically by planning, 5. Learning form observations, 6. Reinforcement learning, 7. Agents that communicate, 8. AI present and future
Literature recommended to students?: Russell & Norvig - "Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach", Suton & Barto - "Reinforcement Learning", Bradshaw - "Software Agents"
Part of a regular curriculum?: No
Offered by regular staff members?: Yes
Regularly offered?: Yes
Status: Planned
Average number and education level of students: Graduate students
Is material used public?: No

Agent-related theses per year: 3 masters


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