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Course: Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) Social Sciences and Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM).

Lecturers: TBA
Courses planned:
1. MAS methodology and its application in simulation.
2. The use of simulation for the exploration and understanding of social and economic issues
3. MAS and the development of integrated models of ecological systems and the use of these models for the management of resilience of ecological systems.
4. MAS and integrated watershed management
5. The linkages between MAS and GIS (Geographical Information Systems)
6. MAS and environmental issues: European experiences.
7. Artificial Intelligence techniques for MAS
8. MAS and social psychology for the modelling of individual behaviour of social agents
9. MAS and the decision-making process in participatory approaches,
10. MAS and the foundations of decentralized economics
Project Objectives : The objective of this project is to organise a course in a university context to explore and to transfer know-how on MAS. The activity area is agriculture - modelling, information systems, research and environmental system - and society - quality of life. The course will be organised as a set of teaching sessions (taught courses and workshops), given by experts in the field of computer science and application of MAS to social science and INRM.
Part of a regular curriculum?: Short Courses (University Level)
Average number and education level of students:


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