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Course: Intelligent Architectures for E-Commerce
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Lecturer: Dr T Norman

Contents: Introduction to intelligent agents and multi-agent systems. Basic concepts of agents and multi-agent systems. Theories of agency, agent architectures and agent-oriented programming languages. Formal BDI models. The Procedural Reasoning System (PRS) and related agent architectures. Java implementations of PRS. Agent communication languages (including standards). KQML and FIPA standards for agent communication. Content languages. Ontologies. Multi-agent organisation. Organisational models. Roles of, and relationships between agents. Negotiation and co-ordination protocols. Electronic institutions. Auctions.
Agent-based workflow management. Services and agreements. Advertising and mediation.

Duration: 3 weeks
Offered by regular staff members?: Yes
Average number and education level of students: 30

Suggested Literature: N/A


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