Contact: Peter O'Reilly <>

Course: M.Sc. in Intelligent and Multiagent Systems


Lecturer/s: please visit description of modules at the web site for details

Contents: The following modules are offered under the degree each consisting of 36 hours scheduled teaching and laboratory sessions over 1 semester. Students must take the core modules, Introduction to Intelligent Agents and Artificial Intelligence plus 4 others:

Introduction to Intelligent Agents
Artificial Intelligence
Software Agent Technologies
Applications of Agent-Based Systems
Agent Programming with Java
Deploying Agents over the Internet
Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery
Logic Based Representations for Software Agents

The final part of the degree is the completion of a thesis in the area.

Number of Agent-related theses per year: 15
Offered by regular staff members?: Yes
Average number and education level of students: 15 graduate level

Suggested Literature: please visit description of modules at the web site for details


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